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Life-changing, service centered missions

Annual Fund—student research, competitions and conferences


$3,275 raised

Scholastic support for student-athletes

Life-changing, service centered missions

Annual Fund—student research, competitions and conferences

Scholastic support for student-athletes

Scholarships for deserving students

Endowed faculty support

Belmont provides an outstanding educational experience for students through the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who believe in the University and share their resources.

My scholarships, made possible by the generosity of so many donors, have allowed me to focus on what’s most important during my time at Belmont—preparing for my future as a pharmacist. I’m eagerly looking forward to beginning my career, and there’s no way I would be able to pursue that dream if it weren’t for the kindness of so many. As I move into the health care industry, I look forward to the opportunity to impact lives, give abundantly and transform my community.

– Amy Li, student

It’s such an easy decision for me to support Belmont. While in school, I was challenged to become better, dream big about my future and always push myself towards innovation and creativity. Now, as an alumni, I give to make a difference. I hope my support shows students all over campus that an entire community of people is cheering them on, believing in their abilities and supporting the fulfillment of their own big dreams.

– Charles Van Dyke, Alumnus

From the moment we stepped foot on Belmont’s campus, we knew it was a special place. Every experience we’ve had since then has confirmed our initial impression–that Belmont is committed to its students, believes in the student experience and takes deliberate steps to prepare each and every Bruin for their journey after graduation. As the parents of two Belmont Bruins, we are honored to get involved with Bruins4Bruins because we believe in Belmont, and we believe in our own Bruins. Thank you for your gift and support of Belmont—we are so grateful.

– Scott and Atiya Zach, Parents

My time in pharmacy school has been invaluable. I’ve made connection that will further my career, created friendships that will last a lifetime and further developed my passions for community pharmacy among underserved populations. So much of that I thank our donors for—people who have selflessly given to Belmont to support the dreams of our students. What a blessing it is to call Belmont home. Thank you!

– Eva Kisayke
College of Pharmacy, Class of 2018

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Is your state represented on the donor map? If not, show your Bruin spirit and represent your state by giving now.

About B4B

Bruins4Bruins is an annual fundraising initiative to raise $150,000 to impact the lives of current and future Bruins. With your gift, you can become part of a very important group of alumni, parents and friends who share their resources to ensure an outstanding educational experience for all Belmont students.

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Are you up to the challenge?  Generous alumni and parent donors will be matching your gifts throughout the week.  Find out who they are beginning Saturday, February 25!

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For more than 125 years, Belmont has provided an incredible student experience thanks to the generosity of so many. Make a gift today and join thousands of contributors to help support Belmont University’s amazing students.